Bollywood Calling: Dancing Uncle meets Salman Khan with his family as his fame continues to soar

The most famous viral clipping of this year has to be last week's "dancing uncle" - which featured a joyous middle-aged man giving a super-perky performance on some Govinda classics at a family function.

Sanjeev Shrivastava's video featuring him showing his dance-moves went so viral that he became an internet's favorite uncle overnight.

Evidently a fan of Govinda, Sanjeev's viral performance of 'Aap Ke Aa Jane Se' made its way to national television and has already landed him his first ever advertisement with Bajaj Alliance.

With all the fame and recognition pouring in, Bollywood doesn't seem to be too far away from the elated man, who's already had his tryst with none other than - Salman Khan.

Sanjeev got to meet with the 'Race 3' star on the sets of the season renewal of his show - 'Dus Ka Dum' and he brought along his wife and kids along with him too!

Things don't end here for Sanjeev, who's also had the chance to meet Sunil Shetty, Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan and recently declared his advertising association with Bajaj Alliance, while dancing to their promotional theme-song, 'Samjho Ho Gaya':

So the moral of the story is - the next time you plan to dance at a family function, make sure you're recorded and it is made available over the Internet, you never know where it might land you.

Where do you see Mr Sanjeev Srivastava next?

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