Cop filmed inappropriately touching a woman in Mumbai, beaten-up by the crowd

If the ongoing crimes against women and the lack of stringent law-enforcement wasn't enough, a new instance of harassment involving a man-in-uniform make us go further down in the road of hopelessness.

A railway protection force constable was recently filmed inappropriately touching a female passenger who was sitting right beside him on a bench at Mumbai's Kalyan railway station.

In the viral video, uploaded on Facebook by user, Shahalam Shaikh, the cop can be seen shamelessly attempting to touch the woman on her back, multiple times, until another woman sitting beside her takes notice of his hands and calls him out for the same.

It was then a man sitting along with the group gets up and starts slapping the cop for his actions, following which he immediately gets up in an attempt to escape from the spot.

As the crowd starts going angry, the cop first passes a few threats towards the person filming the whole scene and also the ones raising their hands on him, before running away from the scene.

Instead of being silent spectators, a number of people present on the spot start raising their voices, urging to teach the cop a lesson.

Although, the constable managed to run away from the scene, he was immediately suspended, after his video went viral.

Although this should be treated as a 'lone incident' and should not result into any forms of generalization involving our policemen, it is certainly sad to see the someone appointed to guard and protect us turning into a perpetrator.

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