Dancing uncle finally meets his idol - Govinda and gets to shake a leg with him!

The overnight notoriety and fame brought upon India's 'Dancing Uncle' a la Sanjeev Srivastav is a testimony to the power of internet.

The dancing-enthusiast, whose viral video of a super-perky dance performance from a family function, landed him on national television even has a professional name now - 'Dabbu the Dancer.'

Srivastav, who's always been fond of Govinda-esque Bollywood-inspired dancing, couldn't have imagined that a random performance at a private ceremony would make make internet's favorite celeb within a few days.

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So "Dabbu the Dancer" - the viral overnight-sensation of internet, who's so far already had a tryst with Bollywood celebs like Suniel Shetty and Salman Khan, finally got to meet with that one person he has apparently been inspired by the most - Govinda.

Govinda, whom Srivastava considers his 'dancing Guru/, invited the aspirant to his TV show 'Dance Deewane' where he also got to meet with the fabulous, Madhuri Dixit.

And if all of that was not enough, Dabbu also got the 'shake a leg' with our hero no. 1 and it was as lively as you'd expect it to be.

Talk about dreams coming true!

Sanjeev's quick rise to fame and getting to meet his idol in such a short-sudden span, is the perfect reminder of the power of social media.

Irrespective of how long the fame lasts, Sanjeev has already had a tryst with what it feels like to be a 'celebrity.'


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