Doctors told him he had no chance to survive, he is now posted in world's highest battleground

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It was only a few months ago when Rajshekhar had a close brush with death after suffering from a multiple organ failure during an extremely strenuous regime during his army training.

The 27 year old had collapsed while performing a 10KM run with heavy loads on his back along with other cadets by his side. The aspiring army-officer was admitted for 40 days at the Army hospital, where the doctors clearly informed his trainers about the extent of his organ damage and the bleak chances of him making out of it.

His condition had become so frail that the doctors at Indian Military Academy had ruled out his chances of survival. 

Flash forward a few months, Rajshekhar has now passed out of IMA in Dehradun as Lieutenant in the Indian Army.

It hasn't exactly been a cakewalk of a journey though. Rajshekhar had to work really hard to get himself back in shape and be ready for service again.

Soon after his discharge from the hospital, Rajshekhar started extensively working out at gym for as long as 4 hours a day - regaining his fitness and his bodily strength. 

This past Saturday he managed to clear the course on time, in the presence of his proud mother and brother. He has now been posted in the world's highest and one of the most difficult battlefield - Siachen.

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From fighting hard to survive in ICU - to being placed as a lieutenant in Siachen, Rajshekhar has seen the pieces of, what looked like a 'shattered dream' at one point, picked up from the ground and be turned into whole again, within a matter of a few months.

His story is not just an example of what one can achieve with hard work and determination, but also the incomparable passion that drives our men in uniform to give their all in service. 

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