For Father's Day - Shaan and his 13 YO son, Shubh recorded a new duet song and its adorable!

We all celebrated 'Father's Day' in our own special ways. Showing your love and care to the man who fights for and guards us all his life, the day has special and distinct meaning for all of us and many of us took it as an excuse to celebrate the bonds we share with our dads.

Singer Shaan and his 13 year old son - Shubh, are not exceptions.

The musically-inclined father-son duo recorded a special song for the occasion and made it available for their fans on the day and it is just as much a 'treat to the ears' as you'd expect it to be.

Turns out, the celebrated singer has passed on his musical genes and vocal teachings to the little one, who happens to have quite a nice voice - as can be heard on the record.

Shaan, who's also composed the duet, was interviewed by Indian Express on the new release, which he called 'catchy' and 'special'..

Here is what the singer told IE:

“Composing this song was a wonderful experience. The song talks about how we are all the same when one divine power has created us all. I wanted to keep the original song as intact as possible, and yet lend it a beat that complements its signature tune and is catchy as well. My son has sung in this song with me and working with him makes the song that much more special.”

Want to hear how this new father-son collaboration sounded?

Check it out below:

To make the project more impactful - the song is actually featured on an intense upcoming drama - 'Hamid' - based on Kashmir.

Will little Shubh follow in the footsteps of his famed dad?

We'll find out sooner than we think!

Let us know what you thought of his maiden song...

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