Karan Johar says Janhvi Kapoor is here because of her talent and not nepotism

While almost everyone has been excited about the debut of Sridevi's elder daughter Janhvi, under the production house of none other than Karan Johar - the movie cannot escape the discussion of 'nepotism.'

Ever since Kangana Ranaut kicked-off the national-debate revolving around the subject of star-kids being given more priority than outsiders and Karan Johar - being the one to spearhead the prejudiced practice, the filmmaker hasn't quite been able to get away from the discussion.

So, it is inevitable as the late Sridevi's daughter makes her debut on Johar's banner, the topic is going to be brought to light by the people once again.

'Dhadak' - the upcoming romantic drama being produced by the filmmaker, does not just include Sridevi's daughter, but also marks the entry of Shahid Kapoor's brother Ishaan Khatter into mainstream Bollywood.

Karan Johar, however does not believe that that it their "family-background" that has gotten them this break - but their 'hard work and talent.'

At the trailer launch of the much-anticipated flick, Karan insisted that star kids have to work hard in their own ways in order to form an audience for themselves.

So what does he expect from kids who already have the said "pedigree".

“That they go beyond their name and make an identity of their own. That’s our responsibility and even theirs.” - Johar said at the event.

He further added:

"Nowadays, there is so much debate about name, but people forget that even behind a name, there is passion and hard work. It’s not easy to face the camera and to come in front of the media. They are kids. And we put a label to them."

Criticizing the over-usage of the world 'nepotism' without actually using the name, Karan said:

“There is a word, it has run for two years. I wouldn’t even name it because I will be promoting the same concept. I will just say that people are here not because of that name but because of their hard work.”

Image Source: Bollywood Hungama
Alright. Ok. We get it.

Do you agree with Karan's view of the whole subject?

More importantly, are you looking forward to Jahnvi and Ishaan's Bollywood debut with 'Dhadak'?

In case you missed out on it before, here is the trailer of the flick:

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