Kolkata woman mercilessly beats mother-in-law for plucking flowers. Viral video helps in her arrest.

We have often been seeing instances involving mistreatment of elderly people by their own kin in many distressing viral videos. The latest incident of such physical abuse coming to light from Kolkata is no different.

In a shocking viral video originating from the capital of West Bengal, a frustrated daughter-in-law was seen beating her 75 year old mother-in-law for a supposed "mistake" of plucking flowers from the garden without her permission. The disturbing scene was recorded by their neighbor from his phone in which the elderly woman could be seen being thrashed, pushed and humiliated by her daughter-in-law.

The video was shared on various social media outlets and later uploaded on Facebook where it instantly went viral as people called for severest punishment for the lady beating the old woman. The video received 5 lakh views and 25 thousand shares and was caught by several media outlets, which was when an official of Bansdroni police station, Sgt Subhra Chakraborty became aware of the incident and imminently swung into action.

The person who uploaded the video was identified as Rantu Sengupta, and after much interrogation and assurance by the police that his identity won't be revealed, he confessed that he received the video from a doctor hailing from Bholar Bazar area of Canning.

Kolkata police posted about the incident on Facebook, claiming that the victim is 75 year old Jashoda Paul, a patient of Amnesia who lives with her son Ranjit Paul and daughter in law Swapna Paul, who is said to be the woman beating the 75 year old.

As per an official from the Bansdroni police station, Swapna Paul got arrested by the police and is now out on bail.

Wonder what drives people to act so madly violent with someone who clearly cannot defend themselves.

Hope the law brings her to justice and hope the elderly woman finds a safer surrounding to live in.

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