Man happily gets his wife married to her boyfriend in Kanpur, just 3 months after their marriage

There are often instances when you see a number of Bollywood movies imitating real-life events, especially when it comes to the subject of - love. Then there are also times when instances in real-life take inspiration from what takes place on celluloid.

Much like Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 1999-released love-saga - 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam', a Kanpur man let his wife tie the knot with her estranged boyfriend after finding out about her past. Not only that, he also cheerfully participated in the marriage and did all the required arrangements himself - to finally let his newly-wedded wife go.

Sujit alias Golu and his wife Shanti tied the knot on February 19th of this year, but little did he know that Shanti had already given her heart to someone else and was forcefully married off to Sujit by her family and relatives.

Only a few days after her marriage with Sujit, Shanti left for her Parent's place, which was when Sujit got to know about her pre-marriage love-affair. Shanti did not return from her parent's place for quite a while and when Sujit approached and confronted her over the same and asked her about not returning back, she somehow managed to bounce-off all the questions. But after a few days, Shanti finally broke down and told Sujit about her relationship with Ravi, who hails from Lucknow and how she was forced into the marriage, as reported by TOI.

Sujit met Ravi and he too admitted about their relationship which couldn't eventually come to fruition, following which Sujit decided to get Shanti and Ravi married and the three of them planned the wedding together.

Sujit contacted the local Police for some assistance related to the same and the wedding took place in a nearby Hanuman temple, in which Sujit participated with a smile on his face.

While speaking to TOI, Sujit expressed how he tried to ward-off negative emotions and came to the conclusion of getting the two married by their will. 

“Initially I had negative thoughts, I even tried to eliminate both of them but, if I had done this, lives of three people would have been affected. After discussing the matter with family and locality, I made this decision so that we all can live happily.”

Sujit was praised by the locals of Sanigwan for his brave heart and selfless decision. A Sanigwan policeman was quoted saying - "It was a lovely gesture by Sujit and no one would ever forget it."

In a situation, that could have easily resulted into jealousy, anguish and resentment, this man found the most humble way to suppress every other emotion and showed his own selfless love in the process.

Way to go!

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The article includes tidbits reported by Times Of India. Read the full source-report here.

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