Manisha Koirala's fabulous transformation as 'Nargis' for 'Sanju' biopic. See Pics.

Everyone has been talking about Ranbir Kapoor's transformation as Sanjay Dutt for the upcoming Rajkumar Hirani-directed biopic, 'Sanju' - but there is another extremely talented actor we're equally excited to witness in the flick and that is Manisha Koirala.

The yesteryear star who's been away from the movie scene for quite a while will be seen in her first major widely released flick after a long time, playing the role of Sanjay Dutt's late mother Nargis Dutt, in the highly anticipated drama.

While there was no scene clearly revealing the look of Manisha as the late icon of Indian cinema's golden era, the actress has taken to Instagram to share a few images of her version of - 'Nargis.'

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“Many different looks were tried on.. through various photographs and books and documentary.. here are few for you guys.. peep into what goes on to create a look..amongst other things we tried many hair styles.” - Manisha said.

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It isn't all make-up and hairstyle, Manisha also went on to do an extensive research about the character in order to get as much into the skin of the late actress as she could.

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"This is new to me. I’ve always been a spontaneous actor. But for Sanju, I did a lot of research on Nargisji. The film focuses on Nargis the doting mother who wanted to protect her son from the truth about her health until his first film was released. Unfortunately, she passed away before her son debut film ‘Rocky’ released. This really broke him." - Koirala said. 

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Manisha, who herself is a cancer survivor had a difficult time going back into the dark realm of portraying Nargis - who also suffered from the same illness, but sadly succumbed to it.

“To live through the pain, trauma and suffering again... It required a lot of inner strength to play Nargisji. But finally, it was all worth it because Nargis was such an iconic figure. I’ve tried to capture her essence, the core of her being. Just looking like her, or combing my hair the way she did, is not enough. I had to understand her spirit, her soul. Just how much I’ve succeeded, we will soon know.”

Are you as excited as us, to see Manisha pull out her acting chops for the role?

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