Meanwhile in Pakistan, a beggar boarded a plane in Karachi and people are wondering - how?

We're all accustomed to seeing beggars on-board on trains, buses, traffic signals and other local transport systems - but could you ever in your wildest dreams imagine a beggar not only getting on-board a plane but also begging for money from the in-flight passengers?

Believe it or not, that was the scene in a an Iran-bound flight in Pakistan, which was somehow invaded by a shabbily dressed person walking in the middle of the aisle, between the passenger seats on both ends - collecting money from the people around. (Yes, as surprised as everyone seemed, some still got up to give him money)

The incident came to light after a video of the same was uploaded on internet by one of the passengers and it immediately caught fire and became viral world over.

Although Pakistan's Civil Aviation authority is consistently denying that it was a Pakistani national, netizens apparently refuse to believe it.

Nevertheless, the greater question is - how did the guy manage to pass through all the security checks and get on board the plane in the first place?

As funny as it may seem initially, it also raises severe security concerns revolving around the Karachi airport.

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