Mumbai: Couple caught having sex in the middle of a busy road in Marine Drive. Police called.

Screengrabs of video posted on YouTube
It was only a few weeks ago when a couple was beaten up by a mob in Kolkata's busy metro-train for standing 'too close' to each other. 

If you think that in a society as judgmental and as morally-imposing as ours, couples would always prefer to stay cautious of not getting unwanted attention of people which may somehow land them in trouble, you'd be wrong.

A couple in Mumbai apparently went leaps and bounds beyond with their "PDA" as they were basically caught having sex in the middle of a busy road in Mumbai, on a very rainy day. Yep. You read that right. It wasn't just peck on the cheeks or an intense prolonged smooch - but the "very" act being performed right in the middle of a road. And a rather busy one.

After a number of passersby stopped to click photos and videos, someone made a call to the local police station, following which a police-van came to the spot from Marine Drive police station.

Upong spotting the cops, the couple "got off" each other and adjusted their clothes, following which they attempted to escape by crossing the road. The police however managed to catch the girl, while the guy somehow flew from the scene.

Screengrab of Video posted on Youtube
As people online wondered what may have persuaded the couple to start doing it right there and then, initial police probe also suspected the girl of being in a mentally unstable state.

After arresting the girl, the Mumbai police was quoted telling that she was unable to recollect her own address and kept on giving different information each time she was asked about her personal details.

The girl has been sent to Mahila Suraksha Kendra in Chembur until a proper charge is filed. Meanwhile, the hunt for the man involved in the act is also underway.

Apparently more couple-friendly rooms is the definite need of the hour!

What do you think would persuade anyone to take a risk like that?

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