Priyanka Chopra apologizes after latest episode of 'Quantico' portrays 'Indians as Terrorists'

Priyanka Chopra's Quantico came into a major controversy this week as one of the latest episodes of her popular show featured her character, Alex Parrish, planning a nuclear attack on Manhattan with a plot to frame Pakistan for it all.

The fantasy-based plot behind the show did not go down well with a lot of Indian viewers, considering how sensitive the subject of Indo-Pak tensions and cross border terrorism is, and the network was soon made to apologize for the same.

Her fans back home couldn't accept how, despite being an Indian herself, PC could accept a demeaning plot like that.

As the controversy continued to soar, PC finally broke her silence and took to Twitter to issue a formal apology on the matter and insisting that she's 'proud to be an Indian.'

Here is what she Tweeted:

Right before this, the show's network - ABC had also issued a statement clarifying their stance on the matter and apologizing for unintentionally hurting sentiments.

Although, it is well known a fact that Quantico is only a fictional show and doesn't quite tell real-life stories, but considering the prolonged tensions between the two nations, netizens questioned if it was alright for them to touch on the subject and portray their own imagery with it.

But that was not the only side of the discussion, there were also those who took it lightly, and said that the show is 'pure fantasy' and should not be taken seriously as artists should be allowed to explore their imagination without being barred like this.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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