Salman Khan says Sanjay Dutt himself should've played the last portions of 'Sanju' instead of Ranbir Kapoor

Source: Bollywood Hungama
Sanjay Dutt's first every biopic, 'Sanju' has been the talk of the town every since the riveting first trailer was released, featuring Ranbir Kapoor pulling off all strings to portray the complex shades of the controversial star's life.

As everyone went Gaga over the Ranbir's ability to 'get into the skin' of the character to pull of the most life-like imagery of the 'Munna Bhai' star, his real-life close buddy- Salman Khan happens to think otherwise.

Salman firmly believes that nobody except Sanjay Dutt himself could've pulled off the part - especially the phase detailing the last portion of the flick, which apparently concentrated on the more recent events of a more 'matured' Dutt.

This is what Khan said on Ranbir playing the part instead of Sanju AKA Sanjay Dutt himself:

"For Sanju, I was thinking why is somebody else playing this bit? The last 8-10 years. You cannot do justice to that. Sanju should have played the last bit."

Although, it is quite unusual for the subject to star as himself in a biopic - a number of Dutt fans on Twitter, apparently believe otherwise.

Do you agree with Salman's opinion here, or are you cool with Ranbir pulling it off from beginning to end?

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