Sara Khan's nude video accidentally posted on social media. She calls it a 'mistake'

Hollywood celebs are pretty often the 'victim' of having their private pictures or videos leaking out to the public. Sometimes it happens due to their phones or tablets containing those images being stolen or lost, while other times it is due to illegitimate invasion by online hackers. There are also occasions when the same is 'mistakenly' made public by celebs themselves.

It now seems that Indian celebs are too falling prey to those "technological glitches" - if that's what you'd call them.

Sara Khan - the actress who's appeared on popular TV shows like 'Bidaai' and 'Bigg Boss', had a private video of her bathing in a hotel bathroom, posted on her sister's Instagram - which apparently showed her totally naked.

As confused fans started complaining about the objectionable content and wondered how and why the private video made it's way to the public domain, the actress later clarified that it was all an unforeseen mistake.

The actress insists that the video was mistakenly posted by her sister, while she was a bit drunk and they were just 'having fun'.

"I don't know what happened. Everything just went wrong. It was a video out of fun made by my sister. She deleted it in no time but it went terribly wrong. She was drunk little bit and then we were just having fun, and this thing happened. I just want to say that since the world has become so fast, sometimes these technologies are also harmful. So, we should be careful."

To their misfortune, despite taking down the video within a few moments of uploading it, it had already been downloaded by thousands online and now floats over the internet.

But it isn't like the sisters have been taken aback by all the abuse they're getting following the mishappening.

After a number of people started calling Sara names for the clip, her sister posted another image - this time of herself, taking a bath in a similar fashion, to show her support for her sister.

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A lesson learnt the hard way for these two!

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