Shame! "Fans" damage Virat Kohli's new 'Wax Statue' at New Delhi's Madame Tussauds

Everyone seemed excited when Madame Tussauds announced that they would be opening an Indian version of their museum for people in Delhi - considering India's booming middle-class and the growing power of consumerism.

Like most foreign brands planning to invest in the Indian markets, Tussauds too opened the first-ever Indian wax-museum in New Delhi only a few months ago, back in December 2017.

The latest addition to the line of statues honoring a host of Indian sportspersons and Bollywood icons was the cricketing ace - Virat Kohli - which was unveiled by the museum only two short days ago.

But only within such a short span of its unveiling, the statue has already been vandalized by local visitors to the museum - who have broken a portion of its ear, leaving it in a damaged state.

Although the caretakers have already got the statue repaired by immediately sending it off to get fixed, one must wonder what would it take for folks to not go so uncivil this easily. And then we turn around and complain about the lack of "posh facilities" in public places.

Well, not considering other factors, this should answer it too.

Speaking to NDTV, an official from the museum said:

“Yes, it was damaged, but now the statue has been rectified. Kohli's statue ear was damaged... we have fixed it immediately and fans are most welcome to visit the museum to take the photos with the India Capatain's statue.”

All's well that ends well. But going by the "warm reception" the museum and Kohli's statue seemed to have already received, we wonder - for how long?!

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