Sikh volunteers serve Iftar to over 5000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Sikh people are generally known for their hospitality and the way many of them open their hearts and homes to the ones in need. Be it the selfless service at the many Gurudwaras worldover, offering food and shelter to everyone - without any prejudice, or other social services, particularly in times of sudden need, led by the several volunteers of the community.

As the season of Ramzan arrived and Muslims worldover celebrated the tradition of 'iftar' - there were the countless, shelter and food-less refugees and Syria, struggling to make ends-meet on a daily basis.

Providing some comfort and food to these struggling refugees in Lebanon and Iraq, a UK based Sikh social-welfare community stepped-up to distribute 'Iftar food packages' and just the sight or even thought of it would warm your heart.

Khalsa Aid - funded the 'Iftar' for over 5000 refugees in Lebanon on a daily basis with assistance form the local Sawa for Development and Aid through their 'Ramzan kitchen.'

The community has also helped in provided new shoes and clothes to over 500 refugee kids - who, despite it being the festival of Eid, did not really have much to celebrated about.

In a world that constantly keeps on hearing about the suffering and crying voices of those in need and the millions that simply turn their heads and choose to look away, we commend the Khalsa community for providing a little smile on those troubled faces.

Way to go!

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