SRK gives perfect reply to someone who taunted him for not speaking on social issues!

Source: Bollywood Hungama
Only a few years ago a certain section of the society was all up-in-arms against Shah Rukh Khan and a number of other B-town celebs for raising their concerns over the rising religious intolerance and the increasing number of religion-based cases of violence.

The same people who wanted celebrities to speak up against various social evils and lend their voices to better the society, were defensive because of the involvement of two entities - religion and politics.

Not only did people (read internet) branded them 'anti-nationals' and challenged them to 'prove their patriotism', they were also faced with major backlash each time their projects approached release dates. 

After all that they were made to go through for publicly speaking out over something they believed in - one would wonder if any Bollywood celeb would ever want to get their feet dirty by stepping out in the mud, but it seems a few people are still distressed with the rich and famous not saying enough, or at least, not saying enough for the causes they happen to believe in.

In a recent #AskSRK Twitter trend, someone popped the question to King Khan, asking him about his silence on issues related to - Kashmir violence and Rohingaya refugees - and as it turns out, he did manage to get a response from SRK himself.

Here is what the guy tweeted to SRK:

Knowing, Shah Rukh - the man didn't bother to answer the question at all, but chose to use his wit to get back to the person's sarcastic jab over his 'makeup and fashion'.

Here is what SRK Tweeted:

One can say SRK only tried to bounce off the question by using his wit, but the response may very well also mean that he was questioning the guy's capability to handle what he has to say 'as a reply' to all of those social issues he raised.

Do you think SRK was indirectly asking people to be more open before expecting celebs to speak-up on social issues or was it just a regular "SRK-witty" response without any hidden meaning to it?

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