Sunny Leone shares a topless picture with her daughter and husband. Gets trolled online.

It isn't just common people who are targeted by the moral police, who want to intervene in almost everything we do in our personal lives - starting from what we choose to wear, to who we choose to sleep with.

Celebs are no exception to such judgmental trolls, who apparently seem to think they sit on a higher moral ground, which allows them to dictate right from wrong for the rest of us.

Sunny Leone - who's been subjected to much of that critique, ever since she stepped-into the movie industry, leaving her previous profession of an adult-movie-star behind - was yet again the target of such 'Sanskari' aunties and uncles of the internet, who apparently don't have anything better to do in their spare time.

The actress's husband posted a beautiful picture with their little daughter, in which Leone appeared to not have dressed her torso - and as you would expect, all hell broke loose on internet.

The forces of our lovely 'moral brigade' gathered, trying to school the couple on what not to do in front of your kids and it quickly became nasty as many of them tried to bring her past and called them nasty names.

"Don't u have any dress sunny apni beti ko apne jaisa banane ke irada hai kya?" - one user commented.

"Sunny apni aukat dikha hi di. Pornstar this aur rahegi. Nanga pana jaega nahi uska." - another vile comment read.

While the couple remains unfazed and unbothered to reply to the hatred and the trolls, we wonder what would it take for people to just let it be and mind their own business.

Do you find anything offensive about the image shared by Sunny's hubby - coz we just see a beautiful, happy family together. That is all.

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