Virat Kohli showers praises on wife Anushka while accepting BCCI Award

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have always been standing right beside each other in their respective professional endeavors, serving a perfect testimony to their idealistic partnership. 

Ever since the couple tied the knot back in December, they have literally been gushing over each other's endeavors in their respective fields, serving as a perfect example of how to stand by  and fully support your better half.

Whether it is a new film by Anushka or a crucial game by Virat - the couple always shows love and support for each other and their adorable PDA makes us knock on wood every single time.

So when BCCI decided to honor Kohli with the POLLY UMRIGAR AWARD for 2016-17 season, it was inevitable for not only Anushka to show-up and wholeheartedly support the ace cricketer, but for Kohli to go out of his way to thank and show some gratitude to his better-half.

As the duo arrived to receive the honor, it soon turned into a romantic affair - as he accepcted the trophy and gave a small speech, dedicating part of it to Anushka.

"My wife is here today so makes it more special. The awards didn't happen last year but I am glad they didn't because she is here now." - Kohli said.

Have a little glimpse at his speech below:

Couple-goals as always. These two just keep setting them for us!

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