Watch: 31 YO man plays guitar as doctors perform an operation on his brain

We all now the impact of music in soothing the mind, body and soul of an individual - but how soothing the impact would be when one is playing it lying on the operation theater.

A 31 year old man from Bangladesh worked his hands on the strings of his guitar as doctors performed an operation on his brain to treat a rare neurological condition at Bengaluru's Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital.

Taskin Ali - who's a computer science engineer and works for a video-game creating company, was suffering from "guitarists's dystonia" which made him develop a numbness on his left hand. This put Ali's job of creating background music for the games at stake and he was soon pushed to start looking for a permanent treatment of the same.

While speaking to Times of India, Ali said:

“I used to find it difficult to move my left hand fingers while playing the guitar but that was my bread and butter. I thought I should practise more and increased it to 14 hours a day. But my condition only worsened. I was not able to play guitar at all.”

Upon his diagnosis of the condition in 2013 back in Dhaka, Ali was informed that there's no treatment available for the same. It was only in 2017, when he heard of a similar operation that made headlines in Benguluru that he got in touch with the same team of doctor's and also the patient - who was suffering from the exact same problem.

Ali managed to consolidate funds for the operation by selling his guitars and a couple of other items and flew to Bangaluru without informing his parents about the same.

Accompanied only by his uncle, Ali's operation was conducted on May 17 - in which the doctor's made him play the guitar as they simultaneously operated his brain.

The video of the same is certain to leave you in amazement:

While speaking to TOI, Dr Sharan - one of the surgeons who operated on

“Through a 14 mm insertion to the brain, we burnt 9.3 cm of the ‘problematic’, ‘misbehaving’ circuit the brain. We made eight burns for 40 seconds each and parallelly checked the movement of the fingers in his left hand as he played the guitar. These extremely challenging surgeries improve the quality of life. Throughout the surgery a special MRI scanning was done and we used a software for precision,” 

Ali's parents were eventually made aware of the surgery and they arrived in the city on Wednesday to accompany their son.

The musician will now have to go through some time of retraining to put his hand back to regular work and work his way through the strings again.

The article includes tidbits from Indiatimes report on the same. Read it here.

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