Watch: After 'Dancing Uncle', here comes 'Dancing Aunty' to take over internet yet again!

If the recent fame and popularity given to Sanjeev Srivastav - now regarded as internet's favorite 'Dancing Uncle', wasn't enough a number of middle-aged folks have started showing their dancing skills in an attempt to reach the same level of national notoriety.

Srivastav - who now likes to be referred to as 'Dabbu the Dancer', came to immense popularity across nation, after a clip of him dancing to a peppy Govinda-number in a private family function, went super-viral on internet and landed him a couple of spots on national telelvison.

Not only that, 'Dabbu' also got to meet a number of Bollywood celebs after his viral moves were love and adored by millions, including the likes of Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Suniel Shetty and of course his dancing idol - Govinda.

Going in line of the famed, internet celeb, another viral clipping of a female fiercely dancing to some Honey Singh track is now turning her into internet's new favorite find, as she's being regarded as the 'dancing aunty.'

Showing her energetic moves to YoYo Honey Singh's popular club-hit 'Party All Night' - the woman seems to have learned the complete lyric by heart as she took the track beat by beat, performing all the moves while wearing a saree.

So is it as good as our favorite 'dancing uncle'?

Check it out for yourself:

Is it good enough to be the 'next big thing' on internet after 'Dabbu the Dancer'?

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