Watch: Forest ranger nearly strangled by 18-foot snake when he posed for a few selfies with it

The sheer urge to get '15 minutes of fame' often leads people to cross the lines of stupidity and carelessness, which in a number of instances results into disturbing outcomes.

If in case you haven't heard already - the increasing number of deaths resulting out of people's urge to take 'unconventional selfies' - may soon turn it into an epidemic that requires its own set of measures to be curbed.

There are times when people often step-into the wild, or get too close to dangerous animals - "just to get a perfect viral shot" - which often results into tragic consequences. 

In similar lines a man from West Bengal, attempted to showcase his skills to handle and control large snakes and the outcome gave him a close brush with death.

The man actually happens to be a trained professional and a forest ranger, who was called-upon for help by local villagers after a large rock-python gulped down a goat and caused quite a havoc in the locality.

The ranger did manage to catch the humongous 18-foot giant, but for the sake of some showy theatrics, he played around with it and entertained the spectators, posing for photographs.

It was then the huge crawler grabbed a tight hold of his neck and started crushing and strangling him, which he managed to escape only with the help of the people around him.

Watch the shocking moment below:

A close brush with a possible distressing outcome and for what? - A few viral shots for the internet?

Is it really worth it guys? 

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