After Sanjay Dutt, iconic actress Madhubala's life to be turned into a movie by her sister

Bollywood has apparently realized the box-office potential of biopics based on the lives of famous people and it certainly making the most it.

After the extraordinary reception Rajkumar Hirani's 'Sanju' - has received both critically and commercially, there are a number of speculations over projects focusing on the lives of other famous celebs that have been doing the rounds.

One of those, that have officially been announced, includes a prospected "tell-all" biopic on the late Bollywood actress, Madhubala.

Often regarded as one of the most iconic women in Indian cinema, Madhubala's story is being brought the big-screen by her youngest sister Madhur Brij Bhushan, who affirms that the project will attempt to disclose everything that happened in her life.

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While speaking to Mid-Day, Brij Bhushan was quoted telling:

“I will disclose everything about my sister’s life. Her relationship with Dilip Kumar and marriage with Kishore Kumar will also be included. We want to do it in such a manner that it doesn’t offend anyone.”

However Madhur didn't give any more details about who will be producing and directing the project and whether an actress has been shortlisted for the same, speculations soon became rife on social media, as fans gave out suggestions about who should be the perfect choice the play the iconic on-screen enchantress.

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