Divided over 'Sanju': Some praise it, others call it propaganda to clean Sanjay Dutt's image

There was no way a movie being made on one of the most controversial actors in Indian cinema, was going to escape several forms of controversies itself.

Ever since Rajkumar Hiarani's 'Sanju' has been mentioned or showcased in the public forum, it has landed itself into one controversy or another - be it the choice of actors to play the pivotal role, including the title role played by Ranbir, or the 'clogged-toilet' scene from the trailer, which apparently irked jail officers.

Now as the movie continues to shatter box-office records and majority of the people seem to be going gaga over Ranbir's performance and Hirani's direction, there are also those who have expressed their concern with the flick for allegedly 'whitewashing' Sanjay Dutt's image to make him look like merely a 'victim of circumstances.'

While people still praise Ranbir for her performance, they are quick to point out a number of alleged inaccuracies, claiming the movie presents flat-out lies as facts - in an attempt to clean Sanjay Dutt's image.

Here are a few instances of those reactions that are not too happy with the supposed "agenda" of the flick:

What are your take on this?

Do you think Hirani's attempt to tell Sanjay Dutt's story is filled with honesty, or is it another attempt clean a beloved star's maligned image?

Share your thoughts..

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