How Dibakar Banerjee convinced Manisha Koirala to wear a bikini at 47 for her next film

Among the many vices that are regularly seen and witnessed in our mainstream cinema, sexism and ageism perhaps take the cake. The fact that majority of the talented and A-list actresses see a sharp decline in their careers beyond their 40's, while their male counterparts continue to play 20-something characters at double the age, reeks of the inherent gender-bias in the industry.

It is because of factors like these, it is a sincere delight to see Manisha Koirala, who took a hiatus from the world of moviemaking a long time before, not only make a startling comeback with Rajkumar Hirani's 'Sanju' but also starting up with a number of other projects following the success of the movie, put her acting chops to work again.

The actress, who recently battled and survived cancer and took some time away to completely heal herself, seems to have taken up the road to her second innings in Bollywood quite seriously, and we couldn't be more excited. Manisha, after all, has been one of the most talented, yet one of the most under-utilized actresses of the 90's.

Making her second appearance, following 'Sanju', on the controversial Web-flick - 'Lust Stories' - Manisha recently turned heads with a scene which featured the 47 year old actress sporting a bikini.

In an amalgamation of four different stories helmed by four filmmakers, Manisha's portion in the flick is directed by Dibakar Banerjee who somehow managed to convince her of sporting the swimwear on-screen, despite the actress being initially reluctant about the same.

"Why? I mean in my youth, I never wore a swimsuit in films… But on-screen?," the actress was quoted telling IANS.

"Then, Dibakar put his best effort and logic to convince me saying, ‘People have not seen you in a swimsuit on-screen and that is precisely the reason we should do it.’ Well, then I took it up."

Manisha also spoke on how the beach scene is just a symbol of how liberated she now feels as an actor in her late 40's.

“I think I am more liberated as an artiste in my late 40s. I was having a conversation with Shabana Azmiji where she was saying, ‘As an actress and as a woman, we always want to look good. How did you become so carefree?’ I think the greedy actor in me takes over at times.”

"If I have to sacrifice my vanity for a character that I am excited to play, I am ready." - she further added.

And we're so ready to see more of that talent.

Keep on shining Manisha. 

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