Kapil Sharma's recent pictures from Amsterdam leave fans concerned about his well-being

A few years ago, one couldn't have foreseen the kind of sudden and sharp decline Kapil Sharma's career was going to take right from the top.

The comedian turned actor, catapulted to such heights of popularity and stardom that few comedians in India have been able reach. From running the #1 show on Indian Telelvision to make an well-received advant into the world of movies with his slapstick debut flick - Kapil's star was constantly burning so bright, that perhaps even he couldn't ascertain how it was about to dim pretty soon.

Following a notorious spat with his team members and fellow comedians and number of other widely publicized reports of erratic behavior and repeated cancellation of shows, Kapil's long-running show came to hiatus and the comedian escaped from the limelight.

Away from all the media ruckus and uninvited controversies, Kapil was keeping a low-profile during his stay outside India, until he made a return to the country a while ago.

Pictured while making a return from Amsterdam, people were quick to point out how Kapil's somewhat shabby appearance made them concerned about his health and well-being.

See how some of his concerned fans reacted after seeing the pictures:

Although, the weight-gain could actually be a positive sign for someone who's on a road to mental stability, so one needn't judge him in that regard.

All that matters is the beloved comedian is able to make a thorough return to his old self first, before planning upon a return to his professional endeavors.

We ofcoarse would be waiting for another season of Comedy Nights, whenever he feels ready to do it.

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