Love is in the air: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas spotted cycling, holding hands together in NYC

Matching outfits, similar white-colored tees, sunglasses, and similar bicycles - Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas looked like that "perfect couple" straight out of a family magazine shoot during one of their recent casual day-out.

The duo, who seem to be very much 'in love' with each other, was spotted holding hands and cycling on the streets of New York and needless to say, the pictures went viral imminently.

Although the two haven't really 'said the words' out loud, their frequent PDA's and holding hands - and with PC recently arranging a dinner meeting between Nick and her mom, sort of affirms that the two are really into each other.

And with Nick going all starry-eyed on the Desi girl during one of his recent IG stories:

After Nick's recent visit to India and his meeting with PC's family, the couple returned to the US - where they're apparently enjoying some quality time together. 

Here are a few viral shots of their recent dayout, just casually strutting and chilling on the streets of NYC:

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Picture perfect, these two, aren't they?

As they say - a couple that cycles together in similar outfits, stays together.

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