Mithun Chakraborty's son, gets married while being out on a bail in a rape case

Mahaakshay aka Mimoh Chakraborty was recently in news for being bombarded with some serious allegations pertaining to rape on the pretext of marriage by a woman.

The cheating and rape allegation came only a week ago, and Mimoh was granted bail shortly after that - an opportunity he has quite surprisingly utilized to get married with his long time girlfriend. 

Mimoh and Madalsa had been a relationship for over 3 years, according to reports, and tied the knot in a private ceremony, involving only the close friends and relative of the two families.

According to a report published on Bombay Times:

"The couple and their families had a small celebration on July 7 after Mimoh secured bail. In fact, Mimoh and Madalsa's marriage was registered on the same day and a traditional wedding will take place today. A sangeet ceremony took place yesterday (Monday). The guest list was considerably shortened after the complaint."

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Going back to the subject of the allegations - the woman had also accused Mithun's son of impregnating her after an intimate encounter and providing her with contraceptives to get it aborted. Allegations were also made on Mithun's wife, Yogita Bali, who according to the woman's claim, gave her threats.

Both Mimoh and Yogita were granted bail by a New Delhi court last month.

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