Once shamed for her dark-complexion, Indian model is viral due to her resemblance with Rihanna

India's obsession with 'fair-skin' isn't hidden from anyone. With a 'fairness-product' industry that yields hundreds of million dollars by the year, and everyday television advertisements that seem to constantly propagate that 'fairness is better' - has certainly turned us into a nation aspiring to go whiter by the day.

The obsession goes so deep that a person's beauty is directly linked to how fair they are, while dark-skinned people, by a considerable section of the society, are deemed 'not-good-looking' by default.

Renee Kujur - a professional model from Chhattisgarh, was also subjected to similar judgements while growing up, often ridiculed for her dark-skin and unorthodox features - until there came a point when people noticed uncanny similarities between her and Rihanna.

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Renee - whose path to establish herself in the world of modeling hasn't been a cakewalk either, looks so much like the Barbadian RnB singer that she has been deemed the 'Indian version of Rihanna' by the internet.

While Renee initially laughed at the comments, the comparisons soon started growing and soon everybody was saying the same thing, basically.

She did look a lot like Rihanna!

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What was once a road block in her modeling career (her dark skin), now became her asset and made her stand above the ordinary faces around her.

Renee, who has a popular Instagram called @badgalrene as an ode to Rihanna's official IG - @badgalriri, started getting modeling assignments that were rejecting her before for her skin color.

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In a way, Rihanna's worldwide appeal ended up changing the personal and professional lives of this struggling model from Chhattisgarh.

“Photographers would tell their clients that I resemble Rihanna. That way, it was easier to convince them. No one could deny that Rihanna wasn't beautiful. That sort of worked in my favour." - Renee told Hindustan Times.

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"Those who called me 'Kaali' and 'Unattractive' had to take back their words."

Things aren't all good now, but they have changed for the better. There are still people who would like to stick to the notion that 'only fair is beautiful and that is that', but Renee is surely here to change the game in her own little big way.

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She now wants to meet the original 'bad gal' and thank her for changing her life:

“She in a way turned around destiny for me. I would love to meet her, surprise her and thank her.”

Work Renee, work!

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