SRK's daughter, Suhana receives hate msgs from trolls for wearing a bikini

It seems like everyone online is interested in what someone wears, what they eat and who they sleep with in their personal lives.

If the number of moral preachers in the real world weren't already enough, the internet - as one should have expected, is now also filled with people who want to not only judge your based on your clothing choices, but also draw conclusions on you character based on the same.

The most frequent ones to get picked-up on in this regard - are obviously the already popular, celebs and their kids - who're constantly exposed to the public eye and happen to have both admirers and massive trolls as their followers.

So when Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana recently shared a picture of herself, chilling with her friends by the pool side - wearing what people usually wear while swimming - a bikini, all hell broke loose as (some) people quickly started calling her out for 'exposing' herself.

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From calling her disgusting names to giving her a lecture on religion and culture, the trolls really went after Suhana over a harmless picture. 
Screengrab of some of the vile comments on Instagram

Good for Suhana and her fam, she remains unbothered by the trolls - vacationing in the fabulous Barcelona and bathing under the sun.

The best way to respond to such moral-preachers is to continue to be yourself, and do so even more vividly and unabashedly.

What do you think?

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