Watch: Katrina Kaif booed by Salman Khan fans. See how she reacted...

Being a celebrity isn't all about wearing lush clothes and raking-in the moolah - you have to be prepared to for the downside too, which includes being constantly subjected to the uncertain behavior and response of your fans and the backlash, criticism and trolling - which may strike you anytime.

Katrina Kaif was subjected to similar behavior by fans during her recent visit to the U.S. - when the actress was not only booed over by some bystanders but was also told some mean things by them.

Katrina was in Vancouver for her 'Bangg Tour' - and was heading towards her car after an exhausting show when a number of people standing near her vehicle started booing her, following which one of them yelled, "We don't want to take a picture with you."

Bothered by some of the remarks, Katrina finally turned around and responded:

“You know what? You shouldn't be bad, guys. You know we are very tired and had a long show. We had a very very long show.”

But people continued with their mean streak as a number of them also made Salman Khan reference, implying they were fans of the 'Dabangg' actor.

“We are waiting for Salman Khan. Only Salman Khan.” - on proclaimed.

Another one screamed - “You call yourself an actress. When people come to adore you, you need a better attitude.”

Watch the video below:

To give you a flashback of things - Katrina and Salman had split after years of seeing each other, which perhaps does not ring the right bell with many of Khan's fans as they continue to begrudge Kaif for the separation.

Either which way, how does someone get the audacity to be so mean to someone for such petty reasons?!

Bollywood stars may have access to many things that normal people don't, but they certainly don't have it easy.

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