Watch this old video of Ranveer Singh being his crazy-self, long before he got his big break

If you think it was Bollywood and fame that turned Ranbir Singh into this wild, outlandish and always way over-the-top dude - who somehow always manages to steal the attention from everyone else, you would be wrong. He's been that way from the beginning it seems. 

The actor who's known for his off-screen flamboyant personality just as much as his numerous heart-rendering, award-winning performances on-screen, was quite a rule-breaker even during his dance of learning in acting schools.

While a lot of you may already have seen this viral clipping before, we're going to share it yet again - to celebrate the quirky personality of the 'Padmaavat' star who celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday. 

The video was actually posted back in 2012 - is now already close to a freaking 4 million views, thanks to his massive fan-following online. 

Appears to have taken in one of his acting classes, the video shows how all the students were asked to enact a silent scene in which they're supposed to pretend to open a closet, pick one piece of clothing after going through a total of four, wear it and then check themselves out in the mirror. 

While everyone else follows the narrative, Ranveer being Raveer, just opens his arms in "SRK-style" bends towards his right a little and starts doing some pelvic thrusts. And then he repeats the same things again giving that mischeveous smile to those watching. 

Needless to say, he managed to entertain the class more than anyone else who stuck to the narrative.

Check out the viral video below:

And yes, happy belated birthday to this quirky, talented, super-wack but lovely desi boy.

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