Jim Carrey looks totally unrecognizable in latest picture!

What would the world really be if we did not have Jim Carrey? Yes! Let's not even imagine it.

The first image that comes your mind, when you think about the actor is his 'forever-young' face and an infectiously-wild personality to go with it - that is why his fans were a little shook when they saw his most recently posted image on his social media account.

Jim took to Twitter to wish everyone a Happy Easter, and posted a selfie of himself that took his fans by surprise.

And the reactions instantly started pouring in.

Some people even confused him for Robbie Williams.

Maybe it's the beard. Maybe it's a new look for a movie. Maybe it's nothing at all.

People do age and it's completely fine. But it clearly didn't go down well with some of his fans, who just harmlessly, wished him not to.

The versatile actor has managed to tickle our funny-bone for a career spanning over 3 decades becoming the leading star of the slapstick, physical-comedy genre with his highly energetic performances that has inspired the current generation of comedians. Carrey is also among the Top 50 highest grossing actors of all time - with the total gross of his movies exceeding $2.5 Billion.

Beard or no Beard, we love Jim Carrey.

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