NEW Prince album: Brand New album with unreleased songs to drop on Friday

The untimely passing of Prince last year, left a big hole in the music industry. One of the most decorated and influential artists of all time - his sudden demise saw a resurgence on his record sales, as they kept climbing up on the charts days after his death.

Despite his vast catalog of releases, it has been confirmed on numerous occasions that Prince has hundreds (or possibly thousands) of unreleased and never-heard-of recordings lying in the vault.

There has been some controversy regarding the copyright of most of this material, amidst which it was announced this past week that a new Prince EP featuring three 'new' songs by the superstar will be released this Friday, 21rst April - the first death anniversary of the much-loved icon. The EP titled, 'Deliverance' will feature three unreleased tracks recorded around 2005-2008.

The songs were said to have been co-written and co-produced by Prince with record engineer Ian Boxill - who is responsible for completing and mixing the unfinished records after his death.

The EP is not being produced by Universal Music Group (which owns the copyright for most of Prince's material), but an independent label based in Vancouver, Washington.

It would be interesting to see what this entails and if Universal would try to legally bar the release based on any copyright it might have.

Nevertheless, we would love to hear NEW Prince music, no matter what label it comes from.

RIP Legend

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