Sonu Nigam controvery gets ugly: Man stabbed with knife for a comment on Facebook

It was natural for an online debate to occur and all the keyboard warriors to get into action after the recent debate sparked with Sonu's statements on Azaan. One such comment made by a student from Gopalpur, Madhya Pradesh turned ugly, when two men violently stabbed him with knives after calling him outside to meet at a nearby place.

According to sources, the victim, named Shivam Rai, had posted a comment online in favor of Sonu's stand on controlling the usage of loudspeakers in places of worship, which enraged the two accused men, Mohammad Nagori and Faizal Khan.

It started off with the two threatening him over the phone after which they called him over to meet outside at a specific location. According to Rai's statement, "they asked me to meet them in Freeganj area. When I reached there with my friend, Ayush Shreewas, they attacked us with knives". The victim has sustained serious injuries and is admitted to the district hospital.

A case of 'attempt to murder' has been registered in the local police station, however the accused are yet to get arrested.

To all those who're not in the loop of things - It all started a few days ago, with singer Sonu Nigam complaining about the loud sound of Azaan coming from a nearby mosque, disturbing his sleep, which was followed by a national outrage and debate over the usage of loudspeakers on religious places. Then of coarse, the singer acting against a fatwa issued against him, by going bald, after a couple of press conferences (read more about it here).
Situation has gone a bit out of hand with such violent outbreaks occurring in the society. Goes on to show, how cautious we should be before spitting any kind of venom online between different communities.

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