The top 10 best songs of Mariah Carey: Ranking by SoundPasta

Mariah Carey gave us some of the most memorable tracks for a major part of the 90's and she continued to further her catalog in the 2000's. But there are some gems that stand above the rest.

Here are Mimi's 10 best songs as ranked by SoundPasta:

10) Hero - Released in 1993 from Carey's third studio ablum, Music Box. As inspirational as this ballad is, interestingly, Mariah did not connect to the song's style or sound initially and passed on it, despite having partially written it. But we're blessed that she finally decided to record it and turn it into one of her most memorable musical moments of her career.

9) Vision Of Love - Mariah Carey's very first single. 'Vision Of Love' has almost all the dynamics of singing that a vocalist could possibly offer or dream of. Released in the year 1990, from her debut album, the song peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts and stayed atop for four consecutive weeks.

8) Anytime You Need A Friend - The fourth and final single from her third studio album, 'Music Box', the song was released in the year 1994 and although it didn't receive the kind of chart success like it's predecessors, 'Anytime You Need A Friend' with it's gospel-themed astounding climax, is one of her most memorable.

7) Forever - One of the smoothest ballads from Mariah's catalog, released in the year 1996, from her fifth studio album, 'Daydream'- this was Mariah's peak as an vocalist and she SHINED on this track from start to end.

6) Make It Happen - Mariah's empowering mid-tempo pushing us all to "make it happen" was released in 1992 from her second studio album, 'Emotions'. A strong showcase of her powerful belts and growling, the song written by Carey herself talks about her personal struggles prior to her rise to prominence. The peaked at #5 on the Billboard charts.

5) One Sweet Day - Both Mariah and Boyz II Men were breaking all sorts of chart-records in the 90's - so when the two got together to create this magical duet, people expected big things. And it stood up to all of them. The song spent a record-chattering 15 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 charts - a feat that is yet to be topped, since it's release in 1995. The song was a dedication to our departed friends and loved ones, and it's still impossible to get through it without running for Kleenex.

4) Butterfly - Arguably Mariah's best written song ever, 'Butterfly' talks about letting your loved one free and putting their love for you, to test. The song may not have faired that well in the charts, during the time of it's release, but it's unarguably one of the best works by Carey.

3) Fantasy - The critically acclaimed uptempo from Mariah's fifth studio album, made her the first female artist in history to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, where it stayed on for 8 consecutive weeks. The song cleverly samples Tom Tom Club's 1981 song 'Genius Of Love' and resonated with the hip-hop era of the 90's. Infectious, to say the least.

2) Always Be Me Baby - A fan favorite and Mariah's 11th #1 at the Billboard charts, never really dated with time. The subdued vocals and melody made it a favorite among both fans and non-fans - Mariah's greatest 'easy listening' track.

1) We Belong Together - From the ultimate "comeback album" of the 2000's - Emancipation of Mimi. came a modern-day classic named 'We Belong Together' - makes it to #1 on our list. The hip-hop inspired composition and Mariah's unique delivery of the song, made it one of her most irresistable ballads in her catalog. The song spent a whopping 14 weeks at the top of the Billboard charts in 2005 - 15 years after Mariah's debut single.

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