Bill Cosby fears he might be drugged during trial

Bill Cosby who's currently under-trial for charges pertaining to sexual molestation fears he might be drugged during the coarse of his trial. The former actor and comedian is worried that someone might slip something in his food or drink.

It is quite ironical since the assault charges laid against the 79 year old are pertaining to him allegedly drugging and then sexually assaulting a number of women in the past.

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According to a report published in Page Six, Cosby refused to stay in local hotels during his sexual assault trial in Philadelphia due to "perceived threats" and instead chose to fly at 2:30 AM every morning from his house in Philly by his private jet.

The source revealed to Page Six, that Cosby and his wife fear someone might attempt to poison him if he stays in any of the hotels nearby. The source further states that since he's blind, it would be easier for someone to sneak in and cause harm - a worry that is causing much distress to his wife.

Some of the allegations against Cosby date back to the 60's and 70's, revolving around similar circumstances where it was alleged that he drugged and raped or sexually assaulted his victims. The issue came to the limelight again in 2014, when a comedian's remark on the incident went viral and a shocking number of women came forward with similar claims.

Cosby is currently under trial after being charged with aggravated indecent assault.

You can read the complete revelation by the source on Page Six Here.

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