Can I Be Me: Trailer for Whitney Houston's unofficial documentary

In the battle of Whitney Houston documentaries, British filmmaker Nick Broomfield seems to have taken the first leap forward with his unofficial documentary on the late legend, entitled 'Whitney: Can I Be Me', already premiering at film-festivals worldwide.

Broomfield's take on the life of Houston, did not receive any support from the Houston family and estate as Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin MacDonald, who previously directed a critically-acclaimed doc on Bob Marley, had already taken up a project in affiliation with the Pop legend's estate.

Going by his statements from previous interviews, Broomfield's documentary will attempt to tell the tale of the superstar's artistic and professional achievements in parallel with issues in her personal life and how the influence of the people she was surrounded with played a role in contributing to her struggles.

Although Nick missed out on getting any footage from Houston's estate due to their disapproval of the project, he managed to get in affiliation with the producers of Houston's 1999 shelved documentary, 'Close Up' - which featured several archival footage from her ongoing 'My Love Is Your Love' tour. Originally to be released by DoRo films, 'Close Up' never saw the light of the day after its filming.

Known for scandalous celebrity documentaries like 'Kurt & Courtney', fans are somewhat skeptical about Broomfield's narrative presuming that it might attempt to spice things up more than they actually were. But how true that would be, we'll find out once the movie gets an official release.

Kevin MacDonald's untitled documentary on the other hand is currently under-production and would most probably be released in 2018. MacDonald's will be the first official documentary from the estate, so the filmmaker will have a bigger pool of archival footage and recordings to dwell into.

Although, release dates in US are yet to be announced (except for another premier at the upcoming Nantucket Film Festival), 'Can I Be Me?' is due to be released on the 16th of June in the UK.

Watch the trailer below:


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