Donald Trump shoves away Montenegro Prime Minister for a photo. Twitter reacts.

US president Donald Trump's first official foreign trip seems to be filled with controversy every other day. It's almost like he went to the trip so Twitter could make memes out of it.

First it was Melania slapping away his hand - twice in a row, then the not-so-amused Pope Frances being pictured during Trump's visit to Vatican and now during a meeting of NATO leaders in Brussels, Belgium, Trump startled everyone when he pushed the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic aside in order to get in the front of the group.

In the clip, drawing various responses online, Trump is seen pushing Markovic as he emerged from behind, slapped on his arm and moved ahead - in order to get in the front row of the NATO leaders portrait session.

Markovic, who appears surprised first, smile and gives him the way ahead.

Here, watch it in slow-motion:

It was no surprise, the video got a lot of flak on social media later on. Check out some of the biggest reactions below:

AWKWARD to say the least.


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