Katy Perry's New Music video for ‘Bon Appétit' is BIZARRE to say the least

Though Katy Perry's latest single, ‘Bon Appétit' has performed poorly on the charts - the pop star has attempted to give it a push with a new music video supporting it.

The bizarre video features a group of chefs literally cooking a dish out of Perry, as they squeeze, mix and rub her like a dough before putting her inside a boiling pan with chopped vegetables. Not sure if you'd be left with any appetite after watching it.

Featuring a collaboration with rapper-group Migos, ‘Bon Appétit' was released on 28th April as the first single from Katy Perry's yet to be announced fifth studio album.

The single hasn't performed well on the charts since its release, debuting and peaking at #76 on the Billboard Hot 100, however there's a chance the music video might help with further promotion to push it up on the charts.

The song has met with poor-to-mixed reception from the critics with most pointing out its underwhelming production or pointless sexual references in the lyrics.

Watch the video below:


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