Manchester memorial turns into a sing-along of Oasis' song "Don't Look Back in Anger"

As a crowd gathered to pay tribute to the victims of the Manchester bombing attacks, the event soon turned into a sing-along of British Rock band Oasis' 1995 hit "Don't Look Back in Anger"

Started off by a woman named, Lydia Bernsmeier-Rullow who broke out into the song while participating at the gathering - it was quickly joined-in by the rest of the crowd.

On 22nd of May, singer Ariana Grande's concert at the Manchester Arena was filled with blood and terror, as a suicide bomber claimed the lives of 22 young attendees and injured over 55. Grande, who managed to safely escape the incident, flew back to be reunited with her family in the United States and has temporarily suspended her ongoing tour as of now.

The crowd's tribute to the victims took place at Manchester's St. Ann's Square.

You can watch the heartwarming and powerful video below:

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