Son Attempts to Recreate Childhood Pic with Father: Doesn't Turn Out as Expected

The fad for recreating ones childhood pictures, particularly the ones with family, has been going on for a while. While there have been some beautiful, precious additions to the series, this one doesn't quite fit right with most people.

Image Courtesy: Tyler Walker/Facebook
Facebook User Tyler Walker on Thursday, attempted to recreate a moment of having a bath as a little baby with his father, however considering the fact that the guy is a full-grown adult now, the sight of him sitting with his bare butt on top of his semi-naked father in the tub, didn't quite go well with most eyes.

Maybe the Tyler family is comfortable with the idea of nudity so this didn't bother them? We don't know. But it's "creepy" according to most commenters on the post, which has now gone pretty viral. Since being posted on the 28th of April, the pictures have been shared by over 69 thousand people and has received reactions from over 20 thousand Facebook users.

People were creeped-out and embarrassed to say the least, and understandably so. There have been some adorable images of such recreations before by other people, but this one hit the wrong chord with most and has gone viral for different reasons, altogether.

Yes we love the thought behind such series. We love the idea. But did he pick the right picture for pulling this through? Maybe not. (We're trying really hard to not be judgmental here)

What do you think?

Any chance you might actually like it? Or is just too cringe-worthy for you too?

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