Susan Sarandon speaks on Donald Trump. Says, he's not gonna make it through his whole term

Veteran actress Susan Sarandon recently dazzled at the Cannes film festival where the actress showed up as the brand ambassador for L’Oréal, and also took out the time to sit down and share her opinions on the current political affairs.

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In her interview with People at Cannes, the 70 year Oscar winner said she was optimistic despite the political turmoil being faced today. “I’m actually optimistic because I think we’re seeing an amazing revolution happening,” she told PEOPLE. “Not by the people that claim to be political but by Americans, and I have great faith in America. You’re seeing more people running that have never run for offices.”

The 'Dead Man Walking' star also spoke about her thoughts on the current president of the United States, “I’m excited and encouraged by the idea that maybe if everything’s falling apart so obviously — I mean, I don’t think Trump’s gonna make it through his whole term.”

She further added, “But he’s not the first one to have Goldman Sachs in his cabinet, he’s not the one that started fracking wholeheartedly. So where have we been? We’ve been asleep. If you’re acting and you’re paying attention — you have to constantly be calling your representatives, and ultimately it could make a difference.”

The article includes excerpts from Sarandon's interview with PEOPLE. You can read the full thing here.

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