These unusually romantic pictures of Justin Trudeau and Ammanuel Macron got Twitter on fire

At the ongoing G7 summit in Sicily, two world leaders seemed to have taken the complete attention of the internet from the rest - President of France Emmanuel Macron and Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

As the two leaders walked down on the backdrop of Taormina, Sicily, people couldn't help but point out how 'insanely romantic' the whole thing looked - particularly the way Macron looked at Trudeau in the eyes.

Just watch this montage created by The Telegraph and tell us if you don't feel that way:

Trudeau and Macron sat down to talk about jobs, national security, climate change - but their chemistry was the stuff of epic romances. As usual, Twitter erupted with a series of memes and responses talking about the most famous 'Bromance' from the leadership summit.

Check out some of the best responses:

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