United airlines apologizes after falsely accusing Gay dad of getting 'too close to his son's genitals'

United airlines have been involved in several controversies in the recent past, most notably the one involving a nasty brawl with one of their on-board passengers in an over-booked flight, followed by his forceful evacuation.

The latest in the line is a false allegation laid by one of their flight-attendants claiming to have seen a passenger inappropriately touching their son.

Courtesy: Facebook
Henry Amador-Batton, was accused by a flight attendant to have his hands placed "near the genitals" of his child, during a flight to North Carolina on Saturday.

Upon landing, Amador-Batton was met by police officials who confronted him with the incident reported to them by the attendant.

The shocked father of the 5 year old boy, filed a complaint with the police stating such allegations could end into their kid being taken away from them or cause problem in an ongoing adoption process for another child who is in foster care right now.

Henry's husband, Joel Amador-Batten took to Facebook to complain that his partner was targeted in the flight because the attendant did not like the "look of him" - giving him the kind of "odd look" minorities "have probably picked up on", Henry said.

A week after the incident, United Airlines issued a formal apology mailed to ABC 11, “Our customers should always be treated with utmost respect. We have followed up with the customers directly and we apologized for the situation,”

However, Henry and his family aren't settling down with the apology - their attorney confirmed Daily News, that the family would be seeking compensation for the incident and will soon file a lawsuit, if the airlines don't comply.

The information on the story has been sources from NYDN. Read their complete article here.

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