Video: Girl Pulled into Water by a Sea Lion in a Deadly Attack

A viral video doing the rounds on social media shows a young girl being attacked by a sea lion, as the animals grabs and pulls her into the water.

The shocking attack took place at Steveston Fisherman's Wharf near Vancouver, where onlookers were clicking pictures as a sea lion was swimming near the dock.

As a young girl tries to sit at the corner of the dock turning her back towards the animal which was already under-water in that very part of the dock, she is attacked by the animal from behind who swiftly jumps out of the water, grabs a hold of her white dress from behind and pulls her back in.

Thanksfully, a man standing nearby quickly jumped to the rescue before any damage could have been done by the animal, as he plunges into the water and safely takes out the girl.

Neither of them were harmed in the incident, but it did shock them enough to make them leave the spot soon after.

The video as caputured by Michael Fujiwara and was posted on Youtube on Saturday and has seen been seen over 1.5 million times as of Sunday.

Check out the shocking viral moment below:

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