America's Got Talent contesting singer, Brandon Rogers dies in a car crash

Aspiring singer and doctor Brandon Rogers, who recently auditioned in an episode of America's Got Talent has died in a car crash.

The tragic accident took place shortly after Rogers auditioned for the show. His episode is yet to air on Television.

Rogers was sitting on the front passenger seat and died from injuries sustained when the driver fell asleep midway and their car went off road and struck a tree.

The driver told his account to the Maryland police stating that he was tired from working on extended shifts and fell asleep. The cops have not suspected any role of drugs or alcohol.

The driver, along with another friend who was sitting on the back seat survived, but Brandon succumbed to the injuries on Sunday after being taken to a hospital.

The AGT producers have not yet decided whether to go ahead with airing Brandon's episode as per the schedule.

Listen to his gorgeous voice on this clip, which among his other uploads, previously went viral on social media:

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