Beyonce's twins 'under the light' after premature delivery

Beyoncé's new born twins face a 'minor complication' after the singer's premature delivery this past week, as confirmed by close sources.

The singer was blessed with a baby girl and a baby boy, who are now 'under the light' until they're healthy enough to head home with their parents.

According to sources, the twins arrived before their delivery date, resulting into some 'minor issues.'

Not much was revealed by the sources except for the fact that the twins are 'under the light' - which mostly means there could be complications related to Jaundice - a common issue with premature babies. The lights helps the newborn recover from the condition and remove it from the body.

The condition is not dangerous or life-threatening in most cases, but doctors usually discharge the babies once the bilirubin level in their blood is brought back to normal.

Wishing a speedy recovery to the twins and positive vibes to the Carter family. 

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