"Her music is amazing": Britney Spears speaks on Beyonce. Wishes to record a duet

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Pop superstars Beyoncé and Britney have duetted once before for their famous Pepsi commercial back in 2004, but that's not all for the 'Womanizer' hitmaker. 

In an interview with Bangkok Post, the 35 year old Pop star, spoke on her upcoming projects, and also her wish to record a duet with Mrs. Carter a la Beyonce Knowles.

Although, Spears confirmed she won't be releasing her new album this year, but she did state that she's working on new music - which means we might get to hear something next year.

The 'Baby One More Time' singer spoke about the possibilities of participating on another singing reality show, after her stint with X factor, apart from touching on subjects like motherhood and her upcoming Vegas residency.

Here is an excerpt from her interview with the Bangkok daily:

Interviewer:  Can you name one artist/band who’s on your collaboration wishlist? Why do you want to work with him/her/them?

Britney: Beyonce. She’s so fierce and her music is amazing.

Interviewer:  We’ve seen you as a judge on the American version of X Factor. Are you planning to do it again anytime soon?  

Britney:  I enjoyed my time on X Factor, but no, I don’t have plans to do anything like it again. 

Interviewer:  How’s working on the next album going? Any chance it will be released this year?

Britney:  I’m constantly working on music, but no plans to release anything this year.

Are you in for a duet between the two Pop divas?

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