Katy Perry's latest album 'Witness' goes number 1 on ITunes within a few minutes of release

So, it appears the Taylor swift feud controversy is doing good for Katy after all, who's latest LP 'Witness' has scorched to the #1 spot on ITunes in less than 10 minutes of its release.

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Katy's latest studio album, 'Witness' appeared at the top of the real-time ITunes charts shortly after the album's release for streaming and digital download.

Though as we previously reported, Taylor Swift did try to barge into Perry's moment, with a sudden release of her back catalog for online streaming the very same day as that of Katy's album, 'Witness' nevertheless seems to be doing good - however we'll get to know how it fairs when the actual numbers come out for its debut week.

But looking at the picture right now, 'Witness' might give Katy the hit she's been needing.

Check out the title track of the album below:

Witness has so far produced singles like 'Chained To The Rhythm', 'Bon App├ętit' and 'Swish Swish' - and has already garnered enough buzz for her revived feud with Taylor Swift.

Do you think it will be able to match the success of her previous releases?

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